Cutlery Dispenser - with Header Sticker for Compostable Cutlery

The best single-use cutlery option for environmentally conscious food service providers who are looking for a more convenient choice.

Placed on a table top or wall mounted this versatile dispenser meets your food service needs. Each unit dispenses forks, knives and soup spoons to provide the utensils that your customers need in one dispenser. Quick, simple refills allow operators to ensure that the dispenser is stocked and ready.

  • Each dispenser holds 400 utensils—60% more than the leading competitor
  • Dispenser chambers can be custom configured to provide the mix of utensils your operation needs
  • Created for Preserve® Cutlery in sleeved packs.
  • Push-release function helps to assure sanitary conditions
  • Compatible with Preserve Recycled and Compostable Cutlery only.  Please note that Preserve dispensers do not work with other brands of cutlery.
  • BACK IN STOCK - March 8th, 2020